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Table of contents

  1. Keep your software up-to-date!
  2. Headset compatibility
  3. OpenXR applications
  4. OpenVR applications

Keep your software up-to-date!

For the best results and to maximize chances that your application will work, always make sure to:

  • Use the latest version of OpenXR Toolkit. Compatibility with certain game is added over time.
  • Use the latest version of your OpenXR runtime (typically distributed through your VR software, eg: Oculus software, Varjo base).
  • If using OpenComposite (see further below), use the latest version of OpenComposite.

Headset compatibility

Headset brandSupported?
Windows Mixed Reality (HP Reverb, Samsung Odyssey…)Yes
Oculus (Rift, Quest, Quest 2, Quest Pro…)Yes
Oculus (via Virtual Desktop))Yes
Varjo (Aero, VR-3…)Yes
Pimax (5K, 8K…)Yes
HTC Tier 1 (Vive original, Vive Pro)Yes
HTC Tier 2 (Vive Cosmos, Vive Focus)Yes
Valve IndexYes
Pico (Neo 3, Neo 4)Yes

OpenXR applications

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020-
War ThunderNot supported on Varjo headsets
PLAY’A VR Video Player-

Do you have a game working but it’s not in the list? Please file an Issue to let us know!

Additionally, OpenXR Toolkit has been confirmed to work with the Unity OpenXR plugin and Unreal Engine OpenXR plugin, as long as the application uses Direct3D.

OpenVR applications

OpenXR Toolkit can also be used with certain OpenVR applications through OpenComposite.

American Truck Simulator 2-
Assetto Corsa-
Assetto Corsa Competizione-
Automobilista 2-
Digital Combat Simulator-
Dirt Rally 2Requires dr2vrfix-openxr when using “eye accomodation fix”
Elite Dangerous-
Euro Truck Simulator 2-
IL-2 SturmovikDoes not support Fixed Foveated Rendering
F1 2022-
Pavlov VR-
Project Cars 2-
Project Cars 3-
rFactor 2-

Do you have a game working but it’s not in the list? Please file an Issue to let us know!